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Saturday Night Open Thread: Favorite Bears player of all-time

Join us below for our Saturday Night Open Thread!

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Recently there was a Facebook debate between a millennial and a baby boomer arguing on whether the youngster's favorite Chicago Bears player could be someone he'd never seen play. Essentially, the millennial said his favorite Bears player of all-time was Bronko Nagurski, and the seasoned Bears fan argued that was silly because he wasn't even alive to see Nagurski play and thus couldn't possibly claim him as his favorite player.

Personally I think it's fine, as die-hard fans watch all the film and highlights that they can, and read all the books that exist... If the kid liked Nagurski, let him have his opinions.

What about you? If you had to name your favorite Bears player of all time, who would it be? Better yet, how about your favorite pre-1990's player, and your favorite 1990's- current player?

And for the fun of it, who is your favorite non-Bears player of all-time?

This is your Saturday Night Open Thread... Have fun!