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Chicago Bears Training Camp Day #4: Vamos Bears Day

Join us below for live discussion and updates from the Bears 4th day of Training Camp!

Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

In 2013, the Chicago Bears made a concerted effort to connect more with its Hispanic fans, and began doing a series of community initiatives each year focusing on that demographic. One day each year at Training Camp is always known as Vamos Bears day, which in Spanish means "Let's go Bears" (and a phrase for which the team filed a trademark).

Last year, Bears vice president of sales and marketing Chris Hibbs said "Chicagoland's Hispanic population continues to be a major focus for us. We're committed to creating more and better content that speaks to them in their language and fits their lifestyle. We want to be an active member in the Hispanic community. It is important for us to create a connection at an early age and grow the relationship."

If anyone is at Training Camp today, send us some pics via email, Twitter, or Facebook and we will get them posted around our social media accounts.

This is your Training Camp Day 4 Open Thread... Have fun!