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Sunday Night Open Thread: Least Favorite Chicago Bears Players

Join us below for tonight's Open Thread, discussing your least favorite Chicago Bears players of all-time!

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

On Saturday, we chatted about everyone's favorite Chicago Bears and non-Chicago Bears players, and saw some really good names and memories thrown out there. If you haven't caught up, you can click HERE to check it out.

Tonight, though, we'll go in the opposite direction, and take a walk on the dark side.

1- Who is your least favorite Bears QUARTERBACK of all-time? (Link HERE for the complete list of starters)

2- Who is your least favorite Bears player of all-time (if different from #1)?

3- Who is your least favorite/ most hated non-Chicago Bears player of all-time?

We're counting down the days until real football starts, and right around the corner from preseason game #1 for the Bears. If you need a reminder of the preseason schedule (that includes three games being played on Thursdays), you can click HERE for dates and details.

This is your Sunday Night Open Thread... Have fun!