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Which one Chicago Bears’ player will you be watching tonight?

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Jacksonville State v Florida

The Chicago Bears open their preseason schedule tonight as they host the Denver Broncos at 7pm Central time. Head coach John Fox says the starters will play about a quarter before the avalanche of backups begin. And I’m good with that.

I’m the kind of football fan that enjoys preseason games, because I get to see players fighting for their NFL careers. I love the bottom of the depth chart battles that take place late in games. Seeing if that UDFA can beat out the 8 year vet trying to hold on. Watching if the young offensive tackle can add value by kicking inside to guard. Competition breeds success and at no point during a football season is there more competition within a team then during the four preseason games.

I also dig the preseason games because this is the first time we’ll be able to see how the recent draft class fares under the lights. I know a lot of Bears’ fans will have a watchful eye on first rounder Leonard Floyd or camp favorite Daniel Braverman (7th round), but the one guy I’m most looking forward to seeing is third round pick, defensive lineman Jonathan Bullard.

Sure, I’ll be checking out the O and D line’s progress, and yes, the tight end position is a concern, but if I had to pick one player that I’m most curious about, it’s Bullard.

He’s had a good camp and as of the unofficial depth chart, he’s backing up veteran Mitch Unrein at defensive end. He may get a little run with the ones tonight if they are in long enough to rotate, but even if he sticks with the twos, we should see plenty of Bullard.

Here’s a few tweets about his camp play.

Also, longtime NFL writer Dam Pompei says Bullard has been “outstanding in camp,” in his recent article about Chicago’s defense.

If Bullard shows an ability to play all along the d-line, he’ll give the Bears a lot of options on Sundays.

Now it’s your turn, which one Chicago Bears’ player are you most looking forward to seeing tonight?