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Chicago Bears vs New England Patriots 1st Quarter Open Thread

Join us below for the Bears second preseason game!

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears got off to a rough start this preseason, putting up little fight against the Denver Broncos in Week 1. The offense couldn't move the ball-- even with the starters in there-- and the defense couldn't stop the Broncos' offense.

Granted, it's only the preseason, and the Bears have lots of new faces on offense and defense, so we have to hope they will be playing better in three weeks when things really count.

Tonight, they face a New England Patriots team that they have been practicing with all week. There have been multiple fights break out throughout, so we should see some fire and passion when this one gets kicked off tonight.

All eyes in Chicago will be watching Jay Cutler, Alshon Jeffery, and Kevin White, in hopes the trio will be able move the ball this week better than last.

This is your 1st Half Open Thread... Have fun!