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Tuesday Night Open Thread: If you were the owner of the Bears for one day...

Join us below for tonight's Open Thread topic: What you would do if you were the owner for one day?

NFL Photos/Getty Images

Imagine that one day you wake up and are told by a McCaskey family representative that you had been chosen to sit in as full owner for the team for 24 full hours... They have a car outside waiting to take you to Halas Hall, but you have to get up and go right then.

You arrive to Chicago Bears team headquarters and meet Virginia McCaskey and the rest of The Family, and are handed the keys to the team, and told you could do whatever you wanted over the next 24 hours. Then, you'd be taken back home, and they would resume control.

After that, the McCaskeys walk down the hall, exit the building, and you see them get into a limo and drive away. The castle is yours now, and the team is in your hands.

What would you do?

This is your Tuesday Night Open Thread... Have fun!