Bears Training Camp 2016

I know my post is two weeks late, but I'll share my story from training camp.

Arriving at camp a few minutes before the start of practice on Monday morning (11am practice), we found parking within a few steps of the North gates, and walked right in (no fees, remember it's free!). We missed training camp in 2015, so the few changes were welcome sights: more bathrooms, additional seating along and at the ends of the practice fields, and more vendor tents.

I made my way to the practice fields, and set up a few shots. After a while, I realized my wife and daughter were nowhere nearby, so I called to find them. They are big Robbie Gould fans, and had wondered to another practice field to watch him practice. I headed their way hoping to get a few good shots. Luck was with me!!! This was Alshon's first day of practice and a few minutes later, Cutler, Alshon, and White trotted out on the side field to work some routes. (I scanned the camp reports from Monday and it seems no one in the press saw this). I actually got some great shots!

Then we went to get autographs, and my daughter got six or seven players' to sign her football.

All in all, training camp remains a family favorite. I hope you enjoy some of my photos:

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