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Prediction Machine says the Chicago Bears will have a top 5 defense

NFL: Preseason-Chicago Bears at New England Patriots
“Hey Vic, I’m expecting a top 5 defense this year.”
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Prediction Machine is a website dedicated to, you guessed it, making predictions. Through their computer simulation program, they actually play every game 50,000 times to figure out the most likely outcome.

With the 2016 NFL season a short few weeks away, they crunched all the numbers into their Predictalator, yeah, I know it sounds like a bad Jean-Claude Van Damme movie, but it’s actually “the most advanced sports forecasting software available today.“

According to their NFL simulation, the most likely Super Bowl champ is the Seattle Seahawks, winning 11.7% of the time. The most likely Super Bowl match-up is the Seahawks vs the Pittsburgh Steelers, with Seattle winning 55.5% of the time.

Their #1 overall team in the regular season is the Arizona Cardinals, with Seattle #2 and the Green Bay Packers at number three in their predicted Power Rankings. The Chicago Bears actually pop up a lot higher (18th) in their computer simulated rankings when compared to most other power rankings about there. Maybe that’s because they use science and not bias?

In fact, Prediction Machine has the Bears listed in their “Teams that should surprise in a good way” category, most likely based on what the sim has the Bears doing on defense.

Here are all their pertinent predictions regarding the Bears.

A #4 over all defense would be outstanding in year two of the 3-4 conversion and if Kyle Fuller somehow becomes their defensive MVP, then the front seven must be coming at offenses in waves.

What do you guys think of their predictions?

Would you be OK with an 8-8 record? Do you think Jay Cutler will be offensive MVP? Is a top 5 defense realistic? Will the o-line be their greatest weakness?

Sound off in the comment section.