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WCG + Yahoo Fantasy Football sign up: Last call!

Speak now or forever hold your peace...

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Last Call!

The Windy City Gridiron/ Yahoo! Fantasy Football leagues are kicking off, and you have a short period of time to get in if you want to participate.  Here's how it works:

Our official WCG league filled up almost instantly, but other Bears fans and WCG members have made their own leagues and invited other WCG members to join. Right now, there are several different leagues that have already successfully filled up.

What can you do? Click HERE and take about two minutes to set up a free league, then post the link in the comments section below. After that, it won't take long for other WCG members to jump in and join your league.

With the start of the regular season around the corner, if you're going to get a fantasy team going, now is the time. It's free, only takes a couple of minutes, and is among the simplest formats in all of fantasy football. So click HERE and sign up now, and post the link to your league in the comments section below!