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Should the Chicago Bears sign Geoff Schwartz?

NFL: New York Giants at Jacksonville Jaguars Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

El Jefe himself, Dane Noble, asked us Windy City Gridiron writers if any of us had a few minutes to knock out a quick “Should the Bears sign Geoff Schwartz?” article. I finished my leftover pizza in a matter of minutes, so I had time as my lunch break wound down to slap together a quickie.

So, should the Bears sign Geoff Schwartz?


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OK, I’ll flesh it out a little bit. Schwartz (30 years old) was released by the Detroit Lions earlier today after only about five months in Detroit. He does have 39 starts from 2009-2015 at both guard and right tackle, while appearing in 74 total games, but injuries have been a constant issue for him. Hip, toe, ankle and leg injuries have stolen a possible 22 games from his career.

If 100% healthy, the 6’6”, 340 pound Schwartz could probably help a man or power based offensive line scheme, but the Bears have been running a lot of zone stuff this preseason. So, if you connect the dots, you’d realize that the Bears can’t plug a mauler like Schwartz into the interior of their line and continue running the zone blocking scheme.

‘But Lester, Pro Football Focus had Schwartz graded really good last year! I even have picture proof to prove it!”

‘And in 2013 PFF had him graded as the 8th best guard in all the land, so he must be an upgrade for the Bears! I mean he can’t be any worse than what the Bears have now!’


It could be worse.

“Schwartz was brought along to help add a veteran presence and some experienced depth to the Lions’ young, unreliable offensive line. But Schwartz turned out to be a tad unreliable himself,” according to the Pride Of Detroit’s Jeremy Reisman. He continues on saying Schwartz was “missing practices regularly due to injuries. He hadn’t played in the past two preseason games, which really could have helped his case to make the final roster, but either his injury was too much or the Lions had already made up their mind.”

In other ‘OMG the Bears should sign this guy that was just cut’ news, the Seattle Seahawks just pink slipped corner Brandon Browner.

I don’t think a 32 year old Browner could cover man to man at this point in his career to give the Bears any quality play.

But time will tell...

What do you guys think, should the Bears sign one of these castoffs?