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Brandon Marshall picks Bears QB Jay Cutler as 2016 MVP

Brandon Marshall is all over the place with his thoughts...

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

It's well-known that Brandon Marshall can be difficult to keep up with on the football field, but the former Chicago Bears wide receiver can also be hard to follow with his thoughts and opinions about NFL players as well.

After being traded to the New York Jets a year ago, it didn't take long for Marshall to make some not-very-nice comments about Jay Cutler, and how it didn't go very well when he tried to hold the Bears starting quarterback accountable. You may remember the locker room tirade during the 2014 season where Marshall didn't seem to manage his emotions very well (LINK).

Then again, at that point in 2014, the Bears were considered to be in full-fledged meltdown mode.

Cutler responded in typical Cutler fashion... A small jab back at Brandon but nothing serious or too heavy. "No one really likes their ex-girlfriend just after a breakup" Cutler stated, and later "He's fine, and he's been like that for as long as I've known him," Cutler said of Marshall. "He's an incredible player. He did a lot for us here. It just didn't work out."

Fast-forward to 2016, and Brandon Marshall makes an appearance on ESPN First Take, and states if Alshon Jeffery can stay healthy, and Kevin White can catch 55-plus balls, "I truly believe Jay Cutler can be the MVP. I truly believe that."

Marshall goes on to try and explain his position, but Stephen A. Smith starts acting like an idiot and cutting him off. But Smith is more of an entertainer playing a character than an actual reporter or commentator.

Regardless of the merits of Marshall's opinion, it certainly seems like he's coming back around to Cutler and showing the same love they had during their bromance period.  It doesn't seem like there is any animosity there at least.

Looking deeper, could there really be something to Marshall's insight? Could the offensive line get their act together well enough to propel Cutler to an MVP season?

Like many seasons recently, this could be Cutler's break out year.

Stay tuned...

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