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The Bennett brothers take a shot at Jay Cutler - UPDATED with quotes from Cutler

NFL: Chicago Bears at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

When rattling off a list of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL, one would presume you’d start with the guys that hold the clipboards. The number threes and number twos would then be followed by the guys barely holding onto their starting jobs or the guys just beginning their careers as number ones.

If you were to simply compile a list of quarterbacks, sorted by passer rating, you’d get a decent snapshot of who’s good and who’s bad and who’s average.

Last year Chicago Bears’ quarterback Jay Cutler was 16th in passer rating, in 2015 he was 17th and in 2014 he was 13th. In the six seasons prior to 2013, Cutler averaged 16th place in passer rating.

If we’re ranking him solely on passer rating alone, Cutler has been an average QB during his time in the NFL. But his three highest passer ratings have all come in the last three years, so maybe he’s on the upswing.

The reason I spent that time going over Cutler’s numbers, is to point out how incredibly stupid this recent statement by Seattle Seahawks’ defensive lineman Michael Bennett is.

When asked about Cutler, Michael told ESPN’s Mina Kimes that he is the "Worst quarterback in the NFL."

His brother Martellus Bennett, who was Jay’s teammate from 2013 to 2015 piled on with this about Cutler, "I'd be open and he'd throw into double coverage."

I’m sure that happened at times, but without context it’s hard to know the situation. Was it 3rd and 14 and Cutler ignored Marty in the flat to go downfield? Were the Bears trying to stop the clock so Cutler threw to the sidelines instead of hitting an open Bennett over the middle?

Cutler has been prone to go for the bigger play at times instead of taking the safe throw, but he’s actually improved that aspect of his game the past three years. His passer ratings from the last three seasons would attest to that.

Martellus put up the best numbers of his career playing with Cutler, including making his lone Pro Bowl in 2014. He was a dynamic pass catcher and a decent blocker at times in Chicago, but he also had lapses in concentration during games and at times he appeared to be disinterested in playing.

Running the wrong routes, misreading coverage, quitting on the play and lackadaisical blocking are what many fans remember about Bennett’s time in Chicago.

Was Martellus’ time all bad in Chicago, no. He had some great catches, he had some important blocks and he helped the Bears win some games.

I’m gonna chalk this up to the Bennett brothers just doing what they do. Saying crazy stuff just for the sake of being goofy.

Check out the full article over at ESPN to see what other outlandish stuff the brothers had to say.


After practice Jay Cutler was asked about the comments from Bennett and he responded “You can't please everybody,” and "every tight end is always open," while wishing him the best in New England.

Cutler has shown in the past that he won’t be baited into a war of words. He also said “hopefully Tom Brady can do a better job than I did."