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Wednesday Night Open Thread: How to judge success for the Bears in 2016

Join us below for tonight's Open Thread!

David Banks/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears could, in theory, be considered still in rebuilding mode. There are thought processes out there that indicate draft picks can't be accurately until the third year, and that it can take a good 3-5 seasons to rebuild a roster.

But there is also the very well-known "what have you done for me lately" mentality that has seen more turnover at the head coaching ranks in the last ten years than any ten year period prior in league history. It almost seems like a coach gets 1-2 seasons to make progress, lest they be looking for work before they could even get their office decorated.

With that said, we all remember the historically bad 2014 season, by several criteria considered the worst season in Chicago Bears history. Then the general manager and head coach get ousted, and we start over from scratch with Ryan Pace and John Fox.

It's clear that Pace believes in being busy, and can be considered a relatively aggressive GM in addressing personnel flaws, and Fox is a respected HC from executives and peers across the league. However, when the chips fell after the 2015 season, the Bears were still in the cellar of the NFC North, and only amassed six total wins on the year.

Now Pace has another draft under his belt, and the Bears have made even more moves in Free Agency and the offseason. Things are potentially starting to come together.

Our question for tonight: How would you measure success for the 2016 season?

Would it be a playoff berth, a 10 win season, or simply an improvement over the record from 2015? Or is there another criteria you would use to measure the season?

This is your Wednesday Night Open Thread... Have fun!