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Teddy Bridgewater injury update: Ambulance called for non-contact knee injury

The Minnesota Vikings have had a bad thing happen with their starting quarterback.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

This Deadspin article's title says it all:

It Looks Like Something Very Bad Just Happened To Teddy Bridgewater

After reading that article, we clicked over to Daily Norseman to find out what's going on (LINK)

"During the Vikings' practice on Tuesday, Teddy Bridgewater went back to pass and then went down without contact. He went to the ground, holding his left knee and appeared to be in a great deal of pain.

The Vikings called practice off about 20 minutes early. Bridgewater had players surrounding him, as well as players cursing about what happened to their quarterback."

The ambulance came and picked him up, and that's all we know right now.  But this certainly isn't looking good for the Vikings.  We will keep tabs on Daily Norseman for updates, and certainly keep our fingers crossed that Bridgewater's injury isn't as bad as it sounds. He's got a great career ahead of him, and we wish him well.

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