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Bears WR Kevin White: "Jay Cutler has a bad rep for no reason, and I don't like it"

Another offseason, and another dozen stories about Jay Cutler's reputation...

Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Not a single season-- or offseason, especially-- goes by without former players, current players, coaches, and fans, discussing their personal opinions of Jay Cutler as a human being. Despite the fact that Cutler doesn't do endorsements, stays out of the spotlight, has never been arrested or accused of doing anything unethical or dishonest, and is well-known for his offseason charity work overseas, some people can't not write about some extreme opinion of Cutler as a person.

Most recently, Martellus and Michael Bennett, in an interview seemingly designed for no other reason than to LOOK AT US!! PAY ATTENTION TO US!!, made some very negative comments about Cutler.

Cutler, as usual, took the high road and didn't stoop down to their level.

"I'm not gonna really get into that," said Cutler when asked about the comments and if the Bears chemistry was better off without Bennett. "Most receivers and tight ends are always open so hopefully Tom (Patriots quarterback Brady), I guess, can do a better job of finding him than I did."

"You can't please everybody, we're at both ends of the spectrum here," said Cutler. "We wish both those guys good luck. I had fun playing with them here. That's just kinda how it goes, guys go to different teams and we wish them both the best of luck."

Cutler, the consummate professional.

Now today, wide receiver Kevin White says he's had enough of the unfair criticism:

"We need to clean Jay's name up. He has a bad rep for no reason and I don't like it. I came in and everyone was telling me, ‘Jay's an a******, you‘re going to hate Cutler.' I was like, I want to get to know this dude first," White told SI. "And it's just not true at all. None of it. Jay is like the pretty girl that doesn't wear makeup and doesn't go out, so nobody really know that she's pretty."

At the end of the day, the things that are consistently featured in the media-- TV, Twitter, digital media, etc-- are the things that will get the most rise out of people. It's not just sports, but everything.

And we know that not everything that makes the news has substance-- and not everything that is fact makes the news.

Stay tuned...