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Ten Thoughts on the NFL

Check out my latest Ten Thoughts on the NFL and be sure to add a few of your own in the comment section.

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1) It's rarely a good thing when a professional athlete has their mom quoted in the media.

Cheryl Kumerow Bosa, mother of the lone unsigned draft pick from the 2016 NFL Draft, Joey Bosa, shared this on Facebook, "It bums me out for him (Joey) so much. I wish we pulled an Eli Manning on draft day."

An "Eli Manning," is forcing a trade away from the team that drafted you, and in Eli's case, it was after he was picked in 2004 by San Diego Chargers, the same team that picked Bosa in the 1st round. So San Diego fans, some still sour on Eli not wanting to play for them, is dealing with another that is shunning San Diego.

The problem with Bosa's contract offer is the offset language and the deferral of much of his signing bonus until March of 2017. Bosa said he'll accept one or the other, not both like the Chargers want.

Today is the deadline for trading him, but the Chargers have no plans to do that. With the Chargers' stay in San Diego still up in the air, this is some drama that their franchise doesn't need right now. It's also something that Bosa's mother should be smarter about.

2) Soon to be 29 year old Tim Tebow, has apparently put his dreams to play in the NFL on hold to take a shot at Major League Baseball. The elite athlete was an all state player back in his high school days, and he's been practicing to hone his baseball skills for the past several months.

He's working out for all 30 MLB teams later this month and I'd be willing to bet he gets signed. Just imagine the publicity that would surround a team's minor league affiliate.

One of his former head coaches had nothing but nice things to say about him.

3) One of the few quarterback battles this offseaosn seems to be over now that the Cleveland Browns have named Robert Griffin III as their starter. If used properly, I believe RGIII can be a successful NFL QB, and his head coach, Hue Jackson, seems smart enough to do just that.

4) I like the move by the Arizona Cardinals to extend quarterback Carson Palmer and wide out Larry Fitzgerald. Even though these two will turn 37 and 33 year old respectively this year, both are still playing at a Pro Bowl level.


Ric Flair was at Atlanta Falcons camp today!

6) I know it''s really early, but Arian Foster has been getting rave reviews from his work down in Miami Dolphins' camp. If Foster can regain his form and stay healthy, the 'Fins could be a surprise playoff team for first year head coach Adam Gase.

7) Word from Denver is that Mark Sanchez will open up preseason as their #1 QB.

OK, I confess, the only reason I'm mentioning Sanchez is to see how quickly one of our readers will share the "butt fumble" in our comment section.

7a) Staying with the Broncos -- or more specifically their fans -- it seems those suffering form "Jilted Lover Syndrome" have a new Ex to be concerned about. Jay Cutler is old news as Bronco fans are now salty about Brock Osweiler.

From SB Nation's Mile High Report: Broncos fortunate to no longer have cocky Brock Osweiler

We'll have to wait and see if the Mile High Report's weekly shot at Cutler and the Bears in their NFL power rankings is replaced by a dig at Osweiler and the Houston Texans.

8) By now you've heard about the Hall Of Fame Game being cancelled due to poor field conditions, but did you hear about the lawsuit being filed on behalf of the fans?

A lawyer who once sued the NFL over a mix-up in seating at Super Bowl XLV is once again filing suit against the league, this time after the Hall of Fame Game was canceled because of an issue with the playing surface.

Attorney Michael Avenatti said on Twitter that he planned on "filing a class [action] within days. $0 for fan expenses is a disgrace." Pro Football Talk confirmed the tweet came from Avenatti.

I guess it makes sense that the NFL should have to reimburse fans that made the trek to Canton for the game.

9) During the Hall Of Fame weekend celebrations, Green Bay Packers' legend Brett Favre was overheard remarking that the Packers have the most Hall Of Famers.

Memo to Favre: Bears 33 - Packers 29

Bears win!

10) Sometimes I wonder if national sports writers bother to fact check things before going live with a story?

From an article that published on Monday;

The loss of promising starting center Hroniss Grasu to a torn ACL will slip more under the radar, but it depletes an already-thin Bears interior line without an obvious replacement.

The obvious replacement is the man that head coach John Fox has inserted into the starting lineup, Ted Larsen. In six seasons Larsen has 87 games played in the NFL, with 47 starts at guard and 10 starts at center. He may not be an All Pro, but he was signed to compete in the interior of the Bears o-line, and he is the obvious replacement to fill in at center.

10a) One more thought on the Bears o-line, I tend to agree with this guy.

I wouldn't have gone as far as the "in spades" line, but those two retiring really did mess up Chicago's depth. Manny Ramirez had 65 starts at center and guard during his 8 year career and Nate Chandler started 19 games at right tackle and right guard from 2013-2014. Neither would have been a world-beater, but both would have been serviceable if healthy.

What are some of your thoughts on my thoughts?