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Chicago Bears vs Cleveland Browns 1st Half Open Thread

It's the final game of the 2016 preseason... Let's do it!

Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears and Cleveland Browns have combined for a 0-6 record this offseason, and tonight one of them will officially be winless.  Not that it's the end of the world to close out a preseason without a win, but it would still be nice,m as a fan, to have some sort of feeling of victory.

For the Bears, though, more focus will be on the players, how they make their reads, and the type of impact they can make before the roster gets trimmed down to 53 players.

It might not be the most entertaining game, but for some of these players, it's the difference in getting an NFL contract, or going back home. Personally, I love watching the passion and drive of the young fringe guys. But that's just me.

If you didn't see it earlier, you can catch our 5 Questions post with Dawgs By Nature HERE. They dropped some really good insight on their team, and some things to watch for tonight.

This is your 1st Half Open Thread... Have fun!