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Chicago Bears vs Cleveland Browns 2nd Half Open Thread

Join us below for the final 30 minutes of the Bears preseason schedule!

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears rested most of their starters on Thursday night's game versus the Cleveland Browns, despite Hue Jackson wanting to suit up and duke it out in his teams final preseason contest.

For the Bears, John Fox had seen enough out of his key personnel and decided to give them a rest, and instead focused on the backups and fringe players to see what type of depth he would have heading into the regular season.

The first half showed some highs and some lows, and for me most impressively was the grit the defense- both the front 7 and secondary- showed on several occasions when their backs were up against the wall.

We still have 30 minutes of football left to play, and for many players, this will be the last time they get to take the field this season, and potentially in their careers. We wish them all the best of health, and the best of luck.

This is your 2nd Half Open Thread... Have fun!