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NFL Week 1: Afternoon games Open Thread

Now that the Bears game has concluded, join us here as our NFL Week 1 coverage continues!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFC North had three games at the Noon time slot today-- the Bears, Green Bay Packers, and Minnesota Vikings all played early contests-- and the Lions will play in the second time slot this afternoon to wrap up the NFC North.

The NFL had a slew of games at the Noon time slot today, and have a doubleheader scheduled for tomorrow's Monday Night Football feature, so we are light on afternoon games today.

We've got three on the docket that we will be watching:

3:05pm: Miami Dolphins at Seattle Seahawks

3:25pm: Detroit Lions at Indianapolis Colts

3:25pm: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

And of course, tonight will feature the New England Patriots at Arizona Cardinals in a Sunday Night Football match-up at 7:30pm.

For now, settle in and enjoy the last three afternoon games.

This is your NFL Week 1 Afternoon Open Thread... Have fun! (and let's go Colts!)