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Chicago Bears John Fox: "People think running the ball is not aggressive, but I tend to differ"

Here is some highlights from John Fox's press conference after the loss to the Texans.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears dropped a tough game to the Houston Texans on Sunday, in a contest that seemed either team could win after one half of play. Unfortunately, the Texans came out in the second half and out-played the Bears, but Chicago also had some moments where they hurt themselves.

After the game, head coach John Fox chatted with the media.  You can get the full video HERE, but below we have pulled out some highlights:

On injures during the game:

Fox: "Really no injuries to report; everyone who left the game did return to the game."

On why Bears struggled in 2nd half:

"Third down was critical; time of possession was lopsided, particularly in the 2nd half."

"We were more successful on 3rd down in first half... Really the big difference in the game is that they were able to convert a higher percentage of 3rd downs than we were."

What did you learn about your team today?

"You now, I think it's there. We haven't been whole for very long, particularly in the offensive line. We just added a guy this past week [Josh Sitton]. All in all I think the ability is there; now it's just getting on the same page.

On Cutler interception; was that Kevin White running the wrong route?

"Well that was just poor execution. I'm not getting into blame games, but obviously it wasn't executed very well."

On QB sneak; did you consider challenging that spot?

"Yeah, I mean you don't do too well with challenges on spots. I think if it's not clear cut then it doesn't get changed. But they executed their QB sneak better than we executed ours."

What did you see on your challenge [the play the Bears challenged]?

"Oh, on our challenge? That was just a long timeout."

On whether having a weapon like Alshon Jeffery allowed them to be more aggressive before the half:

"We're always aggressive. Sometimes people think that running the ball is not that aggressive, but I tend to differ.

Make sure to click HERE to get the full interview.