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NFL Power Rankings: Just how bad are the Chicago Bears?

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Chicago Bears v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

It’s that time of year again, where NFL analysts rank the 32 teams in a pointless list to show which teams they believe are better than the others. Through the years of us sharing these lists with our readers, it’s only proven to rile up Chicago Bears’ fans.

Do these lists matter? No.

Not unless the 14th ranked team is fighting for a birth in the Cheetos Chester Cheetah Classic Bowl or something.

Are they fun to discuss? Occasionally.

The disrespect to the Bears on a National scale is comical at times, but nothing is as comical as the continued ‘Jilted Lover Syndrome’ still taking place by our friends over at Mile High Report.

They are usually on snark overload taking shots at current Bear and ex-Bronco Jay Cutler, then last year it spread to current Bears’ head coach and ex-Bronco head coach John Fox. I wonder if there’ll be any sass directed towards current Bear and ex-Bronco Danny Trevathan this year?

On to the Power Rankings!

SB Nation, who went the Troll route that is usually used by the USA Today, picked the Bears dead last in their initial Power Rankings, but this week they have the Bears up to 31st!

My inbox is filled with unread messages from Bears fans upset over me sticking their team at the bottom of the list last week. Congrats, your team is officially better than the Browns now. There’s not much hope here except maybe that the Browns will grade Deshaun Watson the same way they graded Wentz, leaving him for the Bears to pick at No. 2 in the draft next year.

I find it hard to believe that a team with an easier schedule, a team that just hung with the best team in the AFC South, a team that severely upgraded their defensive front seven, will end up anywhere near the top pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

But what do I know. I was the guy that thought the USA Today were dumbasses last offseason for predicting the Bears to be the worst team in 2015.

As for the Mile High Report, would they let us down and not take a shot at one of their former Denverites?

25. Chicago Bears (-8)

How the heck did John Fox allow a quarterback he molded beat him so badly?

That was much more tame than I expected. I can’t even get salty over that one... is keeping the Bears at 30.

The bold prediction of the Bears going 10-6 in the All-32 column from a month ago suddenly looks, uhh, quite bold. The offense got didley poo done Sunday. At least the defense made up for it by not stopping anybody on third down. The Texans converted 12 third downs. Twelve. Twelve! Houston successfully moved the chains on the all important down as many times as Jay Cutler completed a pass. Let's see what happens this week against rookie Carson Wentz. Surely it will get better(?)

According to ESPN, the Bears are holding at 29.

Jay Cutler was sacked five times and pressured on 40 percent of his dropbacks (tied for highest in NFL) in the season opener. A sign of things to come? We'll see if the Bears can right the ship on Monday night against Philadelphia.

Yahoo Sports is dropping the Bears one spot after losing to the Texans.

24. Chicago Bears (0-1, LW: 23)

Danny Trevathan and Jerrell Freeman combined for 16 tackles and 12 assists on Sunday. It came in a loss, but the Bears have to feel good they’ve finally addressed the long-standing issue at inside linebacker.

Yeah starting 0-1 sucks, but if Bears’ fans can’t get excited for the potential from the inside linebacker position this year, especially after last year, then turn in your Bears’ Fan Card immediately.

CBS Sports dropped the Bears 1 spot, to 28th.

The Bears had their chances to win at Houston, but they just don't have the talent yet. The young players have to grow up.

The USA Today dropped the Bears 6 spots, down to 30th, but the big story here is that they had the Bears at 24th to begin with! I guess there’s only so much room on the Troll Road and SB Nation had it covered.

Jay Cutler was sacked five times and hit 13 behind suspect front five that only helped the backs rush for 73 yards. Expect long year in Windy City.

The Bears are 29th according to FOX Sports, down from 27 last week.

Although he had a full group of receivers at his disposal, Jay Cutler failed to impress against the Texans. He threw an interception and fumbled it twice, and he completed just 16 of 29 passes. The Bears struggled defensively as well.

Failed to impress?

OK. his overall numbers were’t great, but in the first half, before the protection broke down Cutler was on fire with a 141.8 passer rating.

What are your thoughts on the Bears’ Power Ranking this week?