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WCG Pick 'Em, Week 2: Chicago Bears vs Philadelphia Eagles

The writers from Windy City Gridiron chatted about the upcoming Bears vs Eagles game, and who they thought would win.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears dropped three of four preseason games, setting off an early alarm for many Bears fans on the internet, and opened the regular season with a loss to the Houston Texans, pushing those same fans even closer to the edge of madness.

The perennial cries that ownership should sell the team, and all the coaches need to be fired... Well, those cries began even before the time clock expired in Houston.  But, we also know that the loudest voices in the room are not always the most correct. Or something like that.

The Chicago Bears lost a pretty competitive contest to a damn good Houston Texans team, and for the better part of three quarters, Chicago was in control. That was on the road, against a solid playoff team.

This week, the Bears return to Chicago for a Monday Night Game versus the Philadelphia Eagles, who won their first game of the season last week against the Cleveland Browns.  Most are expecting the Bears to beat the Eagles... Can you imagine the internet crowd if they lose?

Our WCG writers got together and made predictions for the upcoming game. We didn't do this in Week 1, so we will say everyone is 1-0 to start the year off.

Pick Score Notes
Dane CHI 33-20
Jeff CHI 24-13
Ken CHI 27-21
Schweick CHI 24-20
Ronk CHI 27-16
Josh CHI 23-20
Lester CHI 27-16
Jack CHI 21-16 Barth misses two PAT's but hits three FG's
Robert Z CHI 30-17
Sam CHI 26-20
Kev CHI 24-20

Looking at the predictions, who do you think is the closest, and what are your predictions?