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Collinsworth, Michaels sympathize with Sam Bradford, but what about Jay Cutler?

There has always seemed to be a different set of criteria for Jay Cutler compared to his counterparts in the NFL.

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On Sunday night during the Green Bay Packers versus Minnesota Vikings game, Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels gushed over Sam Bradford, stating how the Minnesota Vikings absolutely made the right move by trading for the quarterback after losing Teddy Bridgewater for the season with a blown knee.

Part of the thought process by the NBC commentators included how Bradford had experienced an unfortunate shake in the NFL during his career, specifically noting the number of offensive coordinators he had gone thorough since entering the NFL. He's had so many systems to learn since he's been in the league, they said.

Granted, continuity is important with any offense, especially if there is a winning system in place where the team is benefitting, but that's not the point here. Sure, Bradford has had his share of disappointments during his NFL career-- some self-inflicted and some not-- but hearing Michaels and Collinsworth give the excuse of multiple coordinators didn't resonate well with this Chicago Bears fan.

Since Jay Cutler arrived in Chicago in 2009, he's also had several offensive coordinators to play under and systems to learn, but you never hear that as being an excuse for his shortcomings. Despite his accolades and successes, the majority of commentary focuses on his failures and challenges, but you never hear about the number of coaches and systems he's had to adjust to during his time with the Bears.

For fun, let's compare Bradford to Cutler in the OC category.


2009: Ron Turner

2010: Mike Martz

2011: Mike Martz

2012: Mike Tice

2013: Marc Trestman (Aaron Kromer)

2014: Marc Trestman (Aaron Kromer)

2015: Adam Gase

2016: Dowell Loggains


2010: Pat Shurmer

2011: Josh McDaniels

2012: Brian Schottenheimer

2013: Brian Schottenheimer

2014: Brian Schottenheimer (injured)

2015: Chip Kelly

2016: Norv Turner

By this count, since Jay Cutler has been in Chicago, he's had six offensive coordinators in eight years.  Bradford has had five in seven years.  Pretty similar, right?

Now consider... How often have you heard national media providing a cushion for Jay Cutler in Chicago due to the number of offenses he's had to learn since he's been with the Bears?

Of course not, and this is despite Cutler being the all-time leader in all major passing categories in Chicago Bears franchise history-- while having all of those different coaches and systems to learn year after year.

Not to take away from Sam Bradford and the systems he's been in, but this is yet another example of how Jay Cutler gets a different commentary when compared to his counterparts in the NFL. Bradford hasn't come close to accomplishing what Cutler has in the league.

But, as we all know, likability is completely subjective in the NFL, and certainly impacted by what generates the most website clicks.

Stay tuned...