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Chicago Bears vs Philadelphia Eagles 3rd Quarter Open Thread

The Chicago Bears are showing some flashes versus the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football!

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports


Chicago Bears 7

Philadelphia Eagles 9


After starting the game in almost the worst way possible-- punts, missed field goals, Jay Cutler sacks-- the Chicago Bears seemed to have found a spark in the 2nd quarter, on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball.  Their key playmakers, Cutler, Alshon Jeffery, Eddie Royal, Jerrell Freeman, Danny Trevathan... All of them showed some aggression and athleticism before the half, and all made some significant plays.

Carson Wentz started the game completing pass after pass for the Philadelphia Eagles, but also started taking some hits as the half wore on. Cutler himself took some aggressive shots from the Eagles defense.

How will the second half play out? Can the Bears get it together and pull out a win in front of a home crowd at Soldier Field? Stay tuned...

This is your Chicago Bears versus Philadelphia Eagles 3rd Quarter Open Thread... Have fun!