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Jay Cutler injury update: Bears quarterback heads to locker room after interception

The end of the 3rd quarter was ugly for the Bears, and things didn't look good for their starting quarterback.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

[UPDATE: Cutler has been ruled OUT for the remainder of the game with a right hand injury]

The Chicago Bears, at one point during the 3rd quarter, seemed to be hanging in their with the Philadelphia. Much like last week versus the Houston Texans.

Then, things started coming unraveled, highlighted by a seeming injury to Jay Cutler's right hand.

After taking a shot during one play, Cutler was seen shooing trainers and medical staff away on the sideline, stating he was fine. But the Bears quarterback, who is known to be tough and frequently hides/ downplays injuries, was also seen repeatedly flexing his right hand while sitting on the bench when the defense was on the field.

One offensive possession later, and Cutler returns to the field, and immediately throws an awful pass that was picked off by the Texans defense. It was a poor pass, but also a bad decision altogether by Cutler.

The Bears have been dealing with injuries all night long, with Lamarr Houston knocked out with a knee, and Adrian Amos and Bryce Callahan knocked out with concussions.

Stay tuned...