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How many games will the Chicago Bears win in 2016?

The Bears closed the preseason at 1-3... What will they do in the regular season?

Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bears fans are used to disappointment, and this preseason stretch has been as frustrating as any other time in recent years. It ended on a good note, with a 21-7 win over the Cleveland Browns (LINK), but Bears fans saw plenty of issues with the team in all three phases of the game to have some concerns.

It's certainly all bad, though, and many optimists saw more to be excited about than things they were concerned with. Jay Cutler has his top two wide receivers healthy, both of whom are capable of making big plays, and head coach John Fox has some great options for his running back-by-committee philosophy.

The front-7 on defense has been drastically upgraded from 2015, and while the secondary is a question mark right now, there's no definitive reason to write them off before the season even starts.

One thing we know... With each new season, a team either gets better or gets worse-- they never stay the same.

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