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How concerned should the Chicago Bears be with Robbie Gould?

After another lackluster preseason game, should the Bears be concerned with their Kicker?

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Robbie Gould has had an amazing career with the Chicago Bears, which started all the way back in 2005 after failing to stick with the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens as an UFDA.

The Bears picked him up, and the rest is history-- a really great history. Gould is currently among the most accurate kickers in NFL history, and owns a number of Bears records, most notably being their all-time leading scorer, which was an honor he claimed in 2015.  He was also named the Ed Block Courage Award winner for 2016.

While he will go down as one of the classiest, most productive Bears players of all time, many fans are starting to get concerned with his performance.  He missed six field goals in 2016, three of which came in critical back-to-back games versus the 49ers and Redskins last December. The Bears lost both of those games, by a combined 9 points.

Last month, we looked at reasonable expectations of the Chicago Bears kicker (click HERE for that great article and discussion), and this year, so far in the preseason, there have already been some concerns with his performance. THIS article was after the last game versus the Chiefs.

And in the Bears final preseason game of the year versus the Cleveland Browns, Gould missed two extra points, and had a third kick barely make it through the uprights.

We love Robbie Gould, the fans love Robbie Gould, and the players and coaches love Robbie Gould, but is it time to be concerned?

They've likely done their research on other options in the league, and Gould certainly is still a viable option for the Bears, but in today's NFL, you can't lose games because kickers miss 40 yard field goals and extra points. Having it happen once is bad enough, but forgivable if it doesn't affect the outcome of your season, but having it happen twice in the same year? That could be bad news.

What are your thoughts?