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Pernell McPhee goes after Bears QB Jay Cutler: "Wake the F*%& up!"

Jay Cutler had a bad night during the Bears vs Eagles game.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears got bullied and broken on Monday night by the visiting Philadelphia Eagles, including an injury to starting quarterback Jay Cutler's right hand that caused him to miss the entire 4th quarter.

Fans at Soldier Field were pumped up and excited following the National Anthem by the legendary Jim Cornelison, but that energy was quickly deflated during the first Chicago Bears offensive possession. Not only was it a 3-and-out, but it was embarrassing seeing them try to look like an actual NFL offense.

Things got a little better as the game progressed, with Jay Cutler finding Eddie Royal and Alshon Jeffery on a couple of long pas completions, but based on the replays, those were thanks mostly to the wide receivers for making the plays.

In the 3rd quarter, Cutler threw an awful, awful pass, directly into the waiting arms of an Eagles defender, and hand injury or not, that was simply a bad decision on Cutler's part. Not a "he was just trying to fit the ball in a tight space" Cutler, and not a "he's just super competitive and was trying to make a play" Cutler... But just a stupid, dumb decision by Cutler in a critical moment of the game.

We heard about it on Twitter last night, but the video has finally surfaced.  Pernell McPhee (who is on the PUP list) goes right after Jay Cutler on the sideline. You an make your own mind up what he said.

Stay tuned...