Why I'm not panicking...yet

While the results of first two games stunk, I'm not ready to panic yet. Mostly my reasoning is around the length of the season and the net wins concept. In other words, are the Bears really two games back?

The analogy I might use is a golf tournament played at multiple courses. Sure someone might be up three shots, but until everyone has played each course, its hard to compare scores.

How is this relevant to the Bears? I don't think the Texans loss is a net loss - I suspect every team in the division may lose to Houston. Plus it's an AFC loss. The Philly loss may be worse. Harder to see that team sweeping the division.

Detroit looks to have a net loss with the Titans loss (Vikes already beat them) - Bears can beat TN. Maybe the Colts win for Det is a partial net gain. Green Bay's victory over Jax is probably not a net win - Bears can beat Jags.

Throwing out division games, here's what net standings look like to me:

Team Net wins Net losses

Minn .5 0

GB 0 0

Bears 0 .5

Det .5 1

Never mind .... PANIC!

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