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What's wrong with the Chicago Bears' offense?

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears have struggled through two games this season. Check that; Their offense has struggled through two games this season. Actually, check that one as well; Their offensive line has struggled through two games this season.

I hate to pin most of what ails the 2016 Bears on one position group, but when I watch the film, I don't see consistent movement from the big fellas in the run game and I don't see quality pass protection form the revamped o-line either. Their interior has struggled with stunts and the tackles have struggled in cutting off the edges. In particular, right tackle Bobby Massie has been disappointing through two games.

In my latest edition of T Formation Conversation, I discuss the ailing offense in general, but specifically touch on the offense line, running back Jordan Howard and the team's pass protection.

I also look at some numbers from Adam Gase's Bears' O from a year ago, in comparison to what Dowell Loggains has done through two games this year.

Loggains hasn't settled into a play-calling rhythm yet, but the players aren't executing either. In my opinion, until the o-line can gel (They will gel at some point win't they?) Chicago's O will continue to struggle.

Where do you place the blame for the O's struggles?

Loggains, Cutler, the o-line, the D, John Fox, Ryan Pace, somewhere else?