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WCG Pick 'Em: NFL Week 3, Bears vs Cowboys

Our WCG writers have made their picks for the Bears vs Cowboys game.

David Banks/Getty Images

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The Chicago Bears have opened the 2016 season with a 0-2 record after losing on the road to the Houston Texans, then at home to the Philadelphia Eagles.  Now they travel back to Texas once again to take on the Dallas Cowboys.

It wasn't long ago that hopes were high that Ryan Pace and John Fox would create significant improvement in their second year together in Chicago, but Week 2 exposed the ugly reality: The Bears have very little depth at most positions on the field, on both sides of the football.

The Injury Report this week was long and significant, but a perfect example of what to expect in Week 3... You can't be competitive when you have holes on the roster big enough to drive a bus through.

Our stellar WCG writers came together this week and made their predictions for the Bears- Cowboys contest.  Here's what they had to say:

Pick Score Notes
Dane CHI 17-10 The Bears win the turnover and TOP battle.
Kev DAL 24-10
Robert DAL 31-19
Berckes DAL 27-9 Bears score a defensive TD and safety. Hoyer shut out.
Schweick DAL 24-10
Ken CHI 28-21 Dallas will take this game for granted.
Ronk DAL 31-13
Lester DAL 23-10 If the Bears D was healthy, I'd go with Chicago.
Sam DAL 24-14 Bears get a garbage time TD + 2-point conversion.
Jack DAL 27-19 Barth misses a PAT. Madness ensues.
Superfans CHI 55-3 Screw the haters. Bears win and start 14-game streak.

Looking at the predictions, who do you think is the closest, and what are yours?