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Chicago Bears vs Dallas Cowboys 3rd Quarter Open Thread

Live discussion and instant analysis for tonight's Sunday Night Football game!

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports


Chicago Bears 3

Dallas Cowboys 24


The first half was rough for Chicago. The Dallas Cowboys offense marched u and down the field almost at will, and the Bears defense was looking gassed after only two possessions. It didn't help that the Bears first two offensive possessions were three-and-outs.

On the Bears third drive, they got a spark from a long Jordan Howard run, and ended up putting points on the board thanks to a Connor Barth field goal.

After the field goal, the Bears surprised the Cowboys by attempting, successfully, an onside kick, but it was negated when Jonathan Anderson was called for offsides.

The Cowboys continued to rack up yards and chew up the clock as the game continued, and here we are at halftime wondering how bad this is going to get.  Stay tuned...

This is your SNF Chicago Bears vs Dallas Cowboys 3rd Quarter Open Thread... Have fun!