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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Falcons at Saints

The NFC South has a battle between rivals tonight.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Ten years ago, Steve Gleason made possibly the biggest play in New Orleans Saints history, and all week long, they've been celebrating his life, legacy, and his impact on the community.  His blocked punt against the Atlanta Falcons led to the first touchdown scored by the Saints after returning to the Superdome post-Katrina, and to this day remains one of the most iconic, symbolic plays in New Orleans history.

Last month, "Gleason" debuted, and here is a link on why you should watch it. His story is a great one to remind us all that there is so much more to life than just football.

On to tonight's Monday Night Football game:

The New Orleans Saints are sitting at 0-2, and hoping to avoid joining the Chicago Bears as the only two winless teams in the NFC.  Their divisional rivals, on the other hand, are sitting at 1-1, and hoping to remain at the top of their division with a win tonight.

This is your Monday Night Football Open Thread... Have fun!