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Chicago Bears Approval Rating: John Fox, Week 3

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John Fox, Chicago Bears Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears are one of only two teams in the NFC to start the season at 0-3... The other is the New Orleans Saints, who lost a heartbreaker to the Atlanta Falcons on Monday night.

So far, the Bears have lost two games on the road— both in Texas— and one at home, and return this coming weekend to Soldier Field to take on the Detroit Lions.

It would be impossible to pinpoint any singular reason for the Bears struggles so far this season, as it takes a plethora of challenges to be this bad. With that said, we would like you to cast your vote and let us know what your thoughts on head coach John Fox are.

We know the team is in rebuilding mode, and that they have significant depth issues across their entire roster, so how much responsibility should Fox shoulder?

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Week 2 Approval Rating: 45%

Week 1 Approval Rating: 74%

2015 Final Approval Rating: 94%