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Chicago Bears reward OG Kyle Long with $40 million contract extension

The Bears have taken care of one of their own.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears are in good shape from a salary cap perspective heading into 2016, and on Saturday, amidst the flurry of roster moves, the team announced they have signed Pro Bowl offensive lineman Kyle Long to a significant contract extension.

His rookie contract was outlined as follows, per Rotoworld:

5/17/2013: Signed a four-year, $8,300,952 contract. The deal included a $4,417,056 signing bonus. 2016: $777,158, (+ $759,790 roster bonus due in March), 2017: $8.821 million, 2018: Free Agent

On Saturday, the Bears signed him to a 4-year extension, worth $40 million with $30 million guaranteed.

This makes Long a Chicago Bears though at least the 2021 season.

For someone like wide receiver Alshon Jeffery, this sets a great example of what production can do for players' checkbooks and long-term security.

Congratulations to Kyle Long, and kudos to the Chicago Bears for taking care of one of their own.

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UPDATE: The Bears actually waited until today (September 7) to officially announce Long's new deal, and here's what GM Ryan Pace had to say, "Kyle is extremely talented, a great teammate and more than deserving of this contract. He is a big piece of the foundation we are building and we only expect him to continue to get better. We are excited to announce this long-term commitment to Kyle."