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Chicago Bears among 10 youngest teams in the NFL with average age of 25.85

The Chicago Bears have certainly gotten younger under new general manager Ryan Pace.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

At one point not too long ago, the Chicago Bears were among the oldest in the league when it came to average age of the players, and the on-field play showed it.

In 2014, the Bears roster was ranked #30 out of 32 teams in the league, and when Ryan Pace replaced Phil Emery before the 2015 season, he knew he had to get younger.

In his first season, he managed to get significantly younger, moving up to #19 in the NFL (average age: 26.21).

Now in his second full season, he's managed to get even younger, coming in at #10 (average age 25.85).

When you look at the full chart, you'll see curiously that the Rams have been the youngest in the league for FIVE seasons now. But that hasn't exactly translated to success on the field.

The Packers, conversely, have been in the top-6 youngest teams for the last five years.

Click HERE for the full chart and let us know what you think.