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Give me the over on two of these Jay Cutler prop bets

Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Online sportsbook Bovada has released a number of prop bets for the 2016 NFL season, and we’ll fill you in on their Chicago Bears over/under bets right here.

First off we’ll take a gander at their Jay Cutler bets, with my take on each.

Jay Cutler Total Passing Yards in the 2015 Regular Season
Over/Under - 3,600

The key on this stat is health. If Cutler plays all 16 games, he’ll get this number for sure. He missed one game apiece the last two years and he eclipsed 3,600 yard passing each season. During his Bears’ career he has averaged 230.8 passing yards per game, but in the last three years, he has averaged 246.1. Both of those figures extrapolated through 16 games places Jay over 3,600.

Give me the over.

Jay Cutler - Total TD Passes in the 2016 Regular Season
Over/Under - 20.5

This is another bet that health plays a factor in. The last two years betting the over on 20.5 would have made you a winner. During his career, Cutler has averaged a 1.5 TD passes every game and I like his red zone targets this year.

16 X 1.5 = 24, so give me the over.

Jay Cutler - Total Interceptions in the 2016 Regular Season
Over/Under - 13.5

Cutler will throw a few WTF interceptions during the 2016 season, that’s a given, but a sound running game and a good play action passing attack will hopefully limit those. But with that being said, Cutler has averaged a smidge more than 1 pick per game during his career, so a healthy Cutler places this number in the over ballpark.

If I break out only the last three seasons, Cutler has played in 41 games with 41 interceptions, so we’re still at the over.

If I have Cutler throwing enough passes to go over 3,600 yards, then I should probably stick with the over, but I’m feeling good about this Bears offense.

On nothing more than a gut feeling, I’m taking the under!

What are your picks for these Jay Cutler prop bets?

We’ll touch on Bovada’s other Bears’ bets later on so keep your eyes peeled...