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I’ll take the over on both of these Jeremy Langford prop bets

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Online sportsbook Bovada has released a number of prop bets for the 2016 NFL season, and we’ll fill you in on their Chicago Bears over/under bets right here.

Earlier today we looked at their Jay Cutler props, but this time we’ll peek at their Jeremy Langford over/unders.

Since second year pro Langford doesn’t have the track record of a Jay Cutler, my picks will be based mostly on instinct.

Jeremy Langford - Total Rushing Yards in the 2016 Regular Season
Over/Under - 750

The way the Bears used Langford in the preseason was a bit different than most expected. Chicago wasn’t shuffling backs in every couple of series’, Langford received the bulk of the reps with the first team in all three games in which he played.

Last year as a part timer, he had 537 yards rushing, so if the Bears aren’t splitting reps 50/50, I think he has a good chance of pushing for a thousand yards.

Give me the over.

Jeremy Langford - Total Rushing & Receiving TD's in the 2016 Regular Season
Over/Under - 6.5

Since I have the over on rushing yards, I think there’s a good chance he’s over on scoring touchdowns too. Then again, I could see the Bears using Jordan Howard on the goal line, which would poach some chances from Langford, but 6.5 combined TDs seems kind of low.

I’ll take the over here too.

What are your picks on these Langford props?

Tomorrow we’ll check out Bovada’s receiving props for the Bears.