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3 match-ups the Chicago Bears can exploit vs the Houston Texans

Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears open up on the road against, what I believe, will be a very good Houston Texans team. I have them as repeat AFC South champions in my 2016 NFL Predictions article, but I still think the Bears have a decent chance to pull off the upset.

On paper, the Texans are a better team, but there are a few match-ups the Bears could exploit. It’ll take some sound scheming from the coaches and excellent execution from the players, but this is a winnable game.

Check out the latest edition of T Formation Conversation for the three areas I think the Bears need to attack.

The Texans are breaking in a lot of new faces on the offensive side of the ball, and odds are good they all won't be 100% comfortable with the playbook or scheme. A new quarterback, new running back, a couple rookie wide outs and some new bodies on the offensive line could lead to a dumbed-down week one game plan.

Two of the three match-ups I think the Bears could attack are in the trenches, but the third one may surprise you.

Give it a listen!