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Yeah, Josh Sitton is so done...

He’s done paving the way for Green Bay’s rushing attack! The Packers’ loss is the Bears’ gain. Check out these clips of Josh Sitton dominating defensive linemen.

Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The biggest shocker of the 2016 ‘final 53 man roster cut down day’ was the Green Bay Packers’ letting three time Pro Bowler Josh Sitton go. The Packer players were befuddled, head coach Mike McCarthy didn’t give much of a reason and general manager Ted Thompson had no comment on the topic. Both the media and the fans were left to construct their own theories as to why a team would cut such a good player.

Money could have been an issue...

Health could have been an issue...

His age could have been an issue...

Attitude could have been an issue...

By now you’ve no doubt read the debut piece from out newest writer, Robert Zeglinski, titled, Ramifications of the Josh Sitton signing.

Hold on a second, some of you haven’t read it yet?

I’ll wait, go check it out for some great insight on what the Chicago Bears are getting in the 30 year old Sitton.


OK, you back? Good.

Last night Robert was retweeting some Xs&Os stuff featuring Sitton that I wanted to share with you guys here. Check out the clips and let us know if you feel the Packers made a mistake in releasing Josh Sitton.

And here are a few other clips I found on Twitter showcasing Sittons’ eroding skills.

Watch #71 Sitton on the double team, then as he moves to the second level to seal off Shea McClellin.

This is a really neat graphic illustrating how Sitton fared in 2015. Yes, I know it’s Bleacher Report, but it’s neat nonetheless!

Bears’ punter Pat O’Donnell has nothing to worry about.

Also in case you missed it, here’s that breakdown done by our sister site FieldGulls.

I wonder if a Josh Sitton / Kyle Long guard duo is the best in the NFL now?

What do you guys think? Is Josh Sitton washed up?