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Season Kickoff Open Thread

It's football! It actually counts!

Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

It's football! It actually counts! No more pre-season stuff, this is a real game that has impact. It's not the Bears, so it's not as much fun as it could be, but the NFL season is upon us.

Two teams that have already proven themselves as contenders are on the field. If football fans want to get ready for the season, it's tough to beat a rematch of the Super Bowl.

For Bears fans, there are even more interesting angles to consider.

The Broncos have a curious relationship with the Beloved, given the Cutler trade and John Fox's role in rebuilding both teams.

Will Denver be as strong now that the Bears have Trevathan?

Will Rivera's defense be able to take it to Trevor Siemian?

Are the Bears ready to contend on a stage with teams at this level?

The action has already started and both teams have scored, but that shouldn't stop football fans from tuning in and discussing below. Please remember the community guidelines, and please Open Thread responsibly!