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Bud Light kicks off football season by snubbing Chicago Bears

Bud Light proudly debuted their 2016 NFL line on Thursday night during the Panthers- Broncos game, but for some reason completely snubbed the Chicago Bears.

Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears haven't had the greatest product in recent years (you could say they were the Bud Light of the NFL), but Soldier Field and Chicago Bears fans are still among the most elite in the entire country.

That Navy and Orange, the history that we have, and the expectations of a revitalized 2016 football should be enough to get anyone's attention, but when Bud Light declared they were kicking off the 2016 on Thursday night, they forgot one thing:

So, where was the Bears can/s?  Was this snub intentional? How could they run through nearly every other team in the league and not feature the one with the most history? Could it have something to do with sponsorship deals that prevent them from partnering with each other? [Hint/ Edit: It's the sponsorship thing]

The Chicago Bears are the greatest football team in the history of the NFL, and we certainly don't need to be validated by some second- or third-rate beer company to feel good about ourselves.

After all, we've still got 1985...