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Rapoport: John Fox to return to Bears in 2017

For those hoping the Bears would fire everyone, John Fox is reportedly returning in 2017.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears had high hopes for the 2017 season... Ryan Pace and John Fox were building on a 2015 season that didn’t have a lot of wins, but that showed a lot of fight and toughness.

Another solid draft from Pace, and the foundation seemed to be laid for a good run in 2016.

But the wheels came off quickly, with the Bears opening the season with a 1-6 record, and a lack of depth on both sides of the football being exposed through multiple injuries.

John Fox received a lot of criticism throughout the season, for a various number of reasons, but Ian Rapoport is reporting this morning that the team does not plan on making any changes for 2017.

The second-year turnaround did not happen for John Fox. The Bears coach, who twice in his career has turned in triumphant rebuilds in his second season, will try to win just his fourth game Sunday against the Vikings.

But, according to those who know him well, Fox will have the opportunity to make his mark in the third season. In addition, much of his staff is slated to return, as well.

The losses have collected for Chicago, a frustrating two seasons. The result is not what anyone has wanted. But in making the decision to stay the course, the Bears appear to be looking at more than box scores.

The team is dealing with an unusual amount of injuries, with 19 players being placed in the Injured Reserve this season.

Pace and Fox will reportedly return in 2017, but you have to think that this will be it for at least the head coach if things don’t turn around in year number three.

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