Way Too Early FA and Draft Mock

Here are my thoughts:


Eddie Royal, Lamar Houston, Tracy Porter

Try to trade

Jay Cutler (if not, then cut)

Free Agency


QB- Hoyer (3 Yr/ 9 Mil) and Shaw (1Yr/ 1 Mil) - #2 and #3 QB

WR – Bellamy (1 Yr/ 1 Mil) - hands made of rocks, but great on ST. Hopefully he does not have to play WR much in 2017.

WR - Alshon Jeffrey – 5 Yr/ 60 Mil (yr 1 cap hit = $17 Mil) - Need Alshon back. With so many other needs across the roster and no great FA WRs, lock him up and let him be the Chicago Bears all-time leading WR (He is only about 500 yds away)

OL - Kush, Adams, Becton (avg about 1.5 Mil/ Yr each) - all are young and capable as backups. Not a lot of great FA options for back ups.

DE – CornWash (2 Yr/ 3 Mil) - played capable this year and stayed relatively healthy. Good depth.

CB – Bryce Callahan (2 Yr/ 5 Mil) - Has good ability but was slowed by injuries this year.

LS – Patrick Scales (1 Yr/ 1 Mil) - He did his job.


CB – Trumaine Johnson- LA- 5yr/ 55 Mil (Yr 1 Cap Hit = $15 Mil) - Tall, long, athletic, young, #1 CB

DE – William Gholston – 5 Yr/ 35 Mil (Yr 1 Cap Hit = $9 Mil) - currently playing DE in a 4-3, but has the size and length to transition to 3-4 DE (5 Tech.) and still be a force as a pass rusher and run stopper. I would love Calais Campbell, but he will be 31 and will cost approx 12 Mil/ Yr.

FS – Eric Berry – KC – 5 Yr/ 60 Mil (Yr 1 Cap Hit = $17 Mil) - Make this man the highest paid safety in the NFL behind HoneyBadger.

NT – Sylvester Williams – 1Yr/ 3 Mil (Yr 1 Cap Hit = $3 Mil) - Great insurance for Eddie Goldman and lets him catch his breath a little and stay fresh in games.

K – Greg Zuerlein – LA – 3 Yr/ 9 Mil (Yr 1 Cap Hit = $3 Mil) - Barth was fine after his first few games, but lets get a guy with a big leg that can help us on kickoffs and long field goals in the cold/ wind.

You will probably notice how the first year cap hit of many of these contracts is larger than their yearly average. We have cap space, so lets use it now and make it easier on us in future years. Giving more upfront money may also help in negotiating with these big name free agents. Instead of putting the veteran minimum (whatever the # is), I just gave those players 1 Mil/ yr each. I am just estimating here (obviously) on the high side.

I plugged in all of the salary/ contract numbers into and after all of our re-signs, free-agent signings, cuts, and dead cap hits, we still have 18 Mil in Cap space with 46 players under contract (and a 7 player draft class). There is plenty to sign the draft class and have reserve cash. There is also enough there to extend Akiem Hicks this offseason and to bring in a full roster for training camp prior to cuts.

(See link here -


Rd 1- Mitch Trubisky - QB - UNC - 1 year starter but what a great year. He has great pocket awareness, but sometimes leaves the pocket too quickly and takes his eyes off his receivers. That being said, he has a good arm, good leadership traits according to scouting reports, and he is clean off the field. Hopefully he is there at #3.

Rd 2- David Njoku – TE - Miami - Needs to develop as a blocker but an excellent receiving threat.

Rd 3- Justin Evans – S – TX A&M - Strong Safety that is immediately capable of starting. Good range, solid tackler.

Rd 4- Rasaul Douglas – CB – WVA - 6-2, long, good ball skills. I believe this is the "type" the Bears will look for again (see: Hall, Deiondre)

Rd 4- KD Cannon - WR - Baylor - Explosive playmaker that needs some polishing to learn the position in the NFL. Barring injuries, it would be great to bring him along slowly and use him as a situational threat in year 1.

Rd 5- Alvin Kamara – RB - Tennessee - Smooth and quick, excellent receiver. Would play some in year 1 as a 3rd down back.

Rd 7- Sam Rodgers – FB - VTech - A fullback who can block, catch, run the ball, and he also THREW a touchdown pass this year (to another FB). A versatile weapon.

Final Roster

(note- some players cut in training camp include Kadeem Carey, DeAndre Houston-Carson, Sherrick McManis, Ego Ferguson, Mitch Unrein, Will Sutton, Paul Laskie, etc)

QB – Trubisky, Hoyer, Shaw

RB – Howard, Langford, Kamara

FB – Rodgers

WR –Jeffrey, White, Meredith, Braverman, Cannon, Bellamy

TE – Miller, Njoku, Pruitt

OT – Leno, Adams

OG – Sitton, Kush

C – Whitehair, Grasu

OG - Long

OT –Massie, Becton

DE – Gholston, Bullard

NT – Goldman, Williams

DE – Hicks, CornWash

OLB – McPhee, Robertson-Harris

MLB – Freeman, Timu

MLB – Trevathan, Kwiatkowski

OLB – Floyd, Young

CB – Johnson, Hall

CB – Fuller, Douglas

Nickel – LeBlanc, Callahan

FS – Berry, Bush, HJQ

SS – Evans, Amos

K - Zuerlein

P – O’Donnell

LS - Scales


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