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The Chicago Bears pick 3rd, so who do you want?

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The NFL Draft is still a few months away. We haven’t even had the Senior Bowl, the East West Shrine Game or other college ‘All-Star” games. Scouts and coaches haven’t even met with the prospects yet, the NFL Combine is a month away, and teams have yet to finalize their draft boards.

Bottom line; There’s still a lot to be determined between now and April 27th, the first night of the 2017 NFL Draft.

As of right now, the Cleveland Browns hold the #1 overall draft pick, followed by the San Francisco 49ers at two, then the Chicago Bears get to make their highest draft pick since 1972, when they took Southern Illinois tackle, Lionel Antoine with the third overall selection.

For the sake of GM Ryan Pace’s job, the Bears better hope the guy they snag this year has a more successful career than Antoine did.

Today I want to know what player you want the Bears to draft with the 3rd overall pick.

Since there is no obvious clear cut number one, head and shoulders above the rest, top prospect, your answers could go in a variety of directions. There are no wrong answers.

Well, except one...

For the purposes of this exercise you can not answer, ‘I’d trade back, acquire more picks and draft this guy.’ Trading back requires a team willing to move up and there are no guarantees that a deal could work out to the Bears’ favor.

So if anyone posts a comment detailing how they’d trade back, please ridicule them for not following directions. Do it in a fun and within-our-community-guidelines kind of way, but ridicule them none the less.

Something along the lines of the above pictures may be appropriate. Or perhaps one of the following GIFs would work.

It may help if you give your prediction for who goes #1 and #2 before telling us all about your favorite choice for the Bears at #3.

I’ll go first.

I have a feeling the Browns are going with edge rusher Myles Garrett of Texas A&M, and I see the 49ers going with one of the quarterbacks, probably DeShone Kizer of Notre Dame, leaving the Bears a number of options.

If it were me making this pick, I’d go with Alabama defensive lineman Jonathan Allen. He’s the total package on the d-line with good pass rush skills, he’s a good run defender and he has the size to play anywhere along their front.

Now it’s your turn, who would you take at number three if you were making the pick for the Bears?