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The Bear's Den: January 17, 2017 - Should Chicago Re-up Jeffery?

Will the Bears do what it takes to bring Alshon back to Chicago? Does he want to be here? Will he walk?

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The Den will be taking a look at one of the Chicago Bears' 2017 unrestricted free agents (UFA's) and restricted free agents (RFA's) each day until we have knocked out the list.

I will be talking about the player, whether I personally would sign the player and to what contract, and what my best guess the Bears will do with him.

I'm actually going to cut the descriptive short today, because if you are a Bears fan, you know all about Alshon Jeffery, the fact that he played under the franchise tag, his outstanding talent as well as all the games he has missed (or played hobbled) hurt. You also know about his four-game suspension for performance enhancing drugs this season.

Jeffery is an UFA, and the Bears can either sign him, franchise tag him again or not meet another team's offer. Ryan Pace & the organization has been very complimentary towards Jeffery at season's end, perhaps sending a signal that Chicago would like him back. Jeffery also has stated that he would like to play for Chicago.

Would I re-up Alshon? Yes. We need playmakers, he is a playmaker. He wants money, we have money. Do it.

Do I think Chicago re-up's him? Yes, and for the same reason I would.

Will it happen? Do you want it to happen? What are your thoughts on Alshon?



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