Why Does Everyone Love Jonathan Allen?

What am I missing here? This guy reminds me of the two guys that came out of Bama last year, Robinson and Reed, both of whom were 2nd round picks. I watched a fair amount of Bama's games this year and he didn't exactly jump off the screen. In fact, if you watch his HIGHLIGHT reels, you'll notice more than 50% of the time, he's the "clean-up guy" on the tackle for losses and sacks. His teammates get there first, and he's there to clean up the mess.

The Alabama defense has multiple guys who will be drafted this year and next year, big time NFL bodies, which benefited Allen big time. I didn't see him on a regular basis simply dominate the man in front of him, which is what you want from a guy you're thinking about taking with the #3 overall pick in the draft.

Two more things.... does he fit the Bears scheme, and is DE really a position of need?? I see Allen as more of a 4-3 end or possibly even a 3tech DT. Also, we drafted Bullard last year in the 3rd round and CornWash was playing the position very well before he was injured, again. C.J. Wilson also played very well at the end of the season.

I think the Bears need to draft a potential franchise cornerstone at safety, Jamal Adams, or the QB they like the most at #3. In a perfect world, the combine and college all-star games produce great numbers for the QB's, which starts vaulting them up team's boards. This would make the #3 pick a more valuable commodity than it is right now, which could lead to a trade down to acquire more picks. I think almost every Bears fan can agree this would be the best scenario for the team, but for those of you that want Allen come Hell or high water, tell me why.

Bear Down!

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