Your biggest takeaways from this season?

1. The biggest positive I got from da Bears this year is Jordan Howard! I love watching him run! It seems like he makes the most out of every play with his run after contact ability.

2. We need a qb! I personally think Watson could be worth the 3rd overall pick but I'd be fine going with a more sure thing on defense too and taking a qb in the later rounds. Whatever happens I don't believe the answer is on the current roster.

3. On this black Monday I find myself leaning toward the hope that we do move on from Fox though unlikely at this point. At minimal I think we definitely need a new offensive coordinator.

4. I love this year's batch of rookies and I hope Pace will have another good year in the draft. I don't know who all will be available in free agency but I hope we get some secondary help!

Looking forward to talking with you guys about your takeaways! Bear down and let's hope we got a few more games in us this time next year!

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