Stop Quoting Commentators and Study Film

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Years ago, when I played high school football, our team had a Saturday tradition. We had played a game the night before and returned to the practice facility to watch the game footage. We watched ourselves to evaluate our performance. We intended to recognize mistakes and correct them going forward. We also got noisy, in celebration, when a teammate made a big play. At times, we would go to bed Friday feeling one way about our performance, and the film on Saturday would tell a completely different story.

This world is filled with a great deal of sports commentators. It takes little to no experience, let alone a strong track record, to evaluate player talent and post on the internet. Please, create an informed opinion.

For instance, most commentators are stating that "2017 is a bad QB class." They might be correct, but all of these same commentators had Dak Prescott ranked as the 200+ best prospect last year, behind QB superstars Brandon Doughty, Jeff Driskel, and Kevin Hogan (ESPN and PFF). Another commentator said Christian Hackenberg will be "a star in the pros" if he just gets a better blocking line than the one he had at Penn State. Another said Jake Rudock would be a franchise QB by now.

Please, do not plagiarize these opinions and defend them as if they were your own evaluations. These aren't proof of anything. This is the lazy method. Just watch the film. Stop ignoring all of the failed predictions made by these paid commentators and linking to an article they wrote that coincides with your opinion. Don't rely on stats. Just watch the film. If your comments are "so and so had this to say" that's fine. But if you say "this guy sucks" having never watched his film, rather than "I studied that player in games x,y,& z", you should just watch the film.

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