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Chicago Bears 2017 Roster Turnover: Who will be the starting QB?

In this 13 part series we'll take an in depth look at each position group for the Chicago Bears with an eye towards the 2017 season. We'll speculate on who stays, who goes, and some potential additions we'd like to see general manager Ryan Pace make.

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Jay Cutler - Signed through 2021 - As of right now, Cutler is the only quarterback technically on the Bears’ roster. But, I’m in agreement with those that think the Bears will move on from Cutler at some point this offseason. Either via trade or an outright release, I do not see a scenario play out where Jay Cutler is a member of the Bears in 2017. He may be the best option for them from a talent standpoint, but I just think it’s time for a clean break. General manager Ryan Pace needs to find “his guy” at the quarterback position.

Brian Hoyer - Free agent - Hoyer may be the perfect veteran bridge guy to bring in as a rookie learns how be an NFL QB. He’s a capable game manager plus he’s already said he’d welcome a role of mentor to a rookie player. I know he’s a dinker and dunker, but if the 2017 Bears’ offense really plans to be a run first/playaction type of O, Hoyer may find some success until the rookie is ready.

Matt Barkley - Free agent - I’m OK with the Bears offering Barkley a deal to come back and compete for the #2 or #3 job, but he’s not a player I want to see starting. If the Bears sign a better veteran option, plus draft a QB, they’ll probably let Barkley walk.

David Fales - Restricted free agent - I’m guessing the Bears will let Fales walk.

Conner Shaw - Restricted free agent - The Bears quickly signed Shaw when he became available last year and they seemed genuinely high on him as a prospect. Some Bears’ fans were really excited about his potential after he compiled a 132.0 passer rating on 16 preseason attempts.

2016 OUTLOOK - I’m guessing the 2017 depth chart will look something like this, Veteran Bridge Guy #1 (My best guess is Hoyer), Rookie #2, Conner Shaw #3.

For the rookie, there’s a real chance the Bears grab a guy with the 3rd overall pick, and if they do the likely suspects are Mitch Trubisky QB (North Carolina), Deshaun Watson (Clemson) and DeShone Kizer (Notre Dame), but don’t forget about the Bears coaching in the Senior Bowl. They’ll get a close look at Nathan Peterman (Pittsburgh), C.J. Beathard (Iowa) and Sefo Liufau (Colorado).

Draft positioning for the rookie quarterbacks will become more clearer as we get closer to the draft.

Of the free agents, Mike Glennon is a younger veteran that teams may have some interest in. Kirk Cousins will be the #1 QB on the market if Washington fails to re-sign him.

Tony Romo, Jimmy Garoppolo and Tyrod Taylor are three players that will be linked to just about every QB needy team in the coming months.

What do you predict their 2017 QB depth chart will look like?